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Beanstalk Mums is a supportive, inspirational online community for single mothers from all walks of life. It’s for women who are grappling with their shiny new status of ‘single mum’, as well as those who are entirely happy with their single mum life. Created by Lucy Good, Beanstalk is what she searched for and couldn’t find when she first became a single mum.

You can read articles I’ve published on Beanstalk here and here

Simplify your financial situation with Div_ide chartered accountants specialising in Financial Separation & Settlement. They provide guidance and a simple step-by-step approach to enable you to financially separate without necessarily needing to use lawyers.

Other financial resources and tools can be found at Divorce Planner

If you have kids, you are bound to your ex-partner for life. While it may seem daunting right now, it IS possible to co-parent effectively. Click here for some co-parenting resources.

If you’re Melbourne, Australia based, Mary-Louise Hatch of Spectrum mediation runs face-to-face co-parenting courses monthly. She’s a Family Lawyer, a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS) and an Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner so has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She’s also an absolute gem!