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Ending a relationship and rebuilding a beautiful new solo version of yourself and your life after divorce isn’t easy. 

It’s raw. It’s painful. It’s confronting. It’s messy and overwhelming.

But... it is DO-ABLE.

Hi, I’m Sallyanne and while there are probably a whole lot of reasons you’d rather not have needed to come here, I’m glad you have.

I’m a life and transition coach for women during and after separation and divorce; a speaker and workshop facilitator.

I help women RESET, REDEFINE, and REFRESH after separation and divorce.

RESET who and where you are; identify what you want from life post-divorce.

REDEFINE your values, goals, hopes and dreams to create a rich life plan that you are deeply connected to. 

REFRESH your life with an action plan to get you there.

 Create the CLARITY, CONFIDENCE AND COURAGE to fly solo after divorce. 

Who do I help?


  • At the beginning of your divorce journey or recently (or not so recently) divorced or separated

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the divorce process   

  • Feeling stuck & unsure after your divorce, thinking WTF do I do NOW?

  • Ready to reclaim your self-trust and rebuild your self-belief

  • Ready to take control of your life direction


  • The non-legal aspects of divorce

  • Money & finances

  • Life direction & goals

  • Work & career

  • Successful solo and co-parenting

  • Effective communication with your ex-partner

  • Self-love and care

  • Managing the juggle of solo-life  


  • Calm & Secure

  • Confident and In Control,

  • Empowered & Energetic

  • Joyful and Fulfilled


WORK WITH ME to RESET, REDEFINE and REFRESH your life during or after divorce. I help set women on the path to fly beautifully, powerfully and joyfully solo.



What is a

As your coach, I will be your:

·      SOUNDING BOARD – someone to bounce ideas off and share concerns with.

·      CLARITY CONSULTANT – I’ll help you sift through the complexities of your life and your goals to get really clear on what it is you want and what you need to do.

·      ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER – I will hold you gently accountable to what you most want your life to look like, and what you need to do craft it

·      SUPPORTER & CHEERLEADER - encouraging your action and celebrating your achievements


Will Divorce Coaching Help Me?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all that you need to get sorted while navigating your divorce, or after it’s finalised and don’t know where to start; if you need a clear direction and action plan to get your life back on track, to build a new solo life for yourself that is deeply fulfilling; if you need to reconnect to yourself, reclaim your self-belief, rebuild your self-confidence, DIVORCE COACHING can help.

You need to be willing to look deeply at and reflect on your life and yourself.  You need to be motivated and between our sessions you need to DO THE WORK necessary to create change.

If you are really longing for change and ready to take action, DIVORCE COACHING can take you from where you are, beyond what you think is possible for yourself.

The best part is, you don’t have to do it alone. I’ll be there with you the whole way; we will take this journey towards your beautiful solo life together.

I’m so excited to see where your coaching journey will lead you.

A CLARITY CALL is a free 30 minute phone or Skype call designed to give you a deeper understanding of DIVORCE COACHING with me, and for you to gain some insight into the areas you most want to work on. 

It’s the first step in our shared coaching journey, and enables us to connect and determine if we are the right coach-client fit.

My Coaching Philosophy 

I don’t have all the answers for your life – but I believe you do. My role is to help you find them, connect deeply to them, and integrate them into your daily life. 

I have life (and divorce!) experience and extensive training that I bring to my coaching clients. 

I will ask you deep and powerful questions that encourage you to challenge and stretch yourself, to be vulnerable and build your self-trust and self-belief, while simultaneously being your biggest supporter and loudest cheerleader. 

I will hold you gently but firmly accountable to what you say you most want for yourself. I will ask you to honour your desire and decision to build a beautiful, soulful, solo life throughout our journey and beyond.

 I will listen, reflect honestly and clearly, and guide you to set intentions and actions that lead you in the direction you most want for yourself and your life.  

I will support, care for and nurture you, but YOU need to be willing to do the work and create your own change.   


The coaching process has been life changing for me. It has removed blockages that I knew I had both innate from childhood, and since becoming a single woman and mother. Confronting situations without the security of your once partner is daunting and overwhelming.

With your support, gentle nudging and positive affirmations, eliminating the fears I had was far quicker than I thought possible.

You are a terrific listener and you gave me ample time always to formulate my thoughts and words.

And your empathy. Beautiful empathy... Not making me feel like you have all the answers and I don’t.

I felt like you were in the side-car, scarf flapping in the wind! Totally supportive, non-judgemental, real and cheering me on.

And with that, I could start taking all-important action.

Huge changes have occurred within me and as a result, beyond to my greater life. It has impacted those I love most and those who I know only through business. The effect is far reaching…..Thank you.
— Kim Thompson
I want to thank you so much for my coaching series & for everything you have done to support me on this amazing journey.

Thank you for walking the path with me, for holding space for me to explore myself and my life on a really deep level, and for gently guiding me forward when I need it.

Thank you for your love and support. Working with you has helped me to find strength & courage during some very challenging times.

You have lifted me and cheered me along and believed in me when I didn’t have much belief in myself. I’ve learned so much from my time with you and can’t wait to work with you again in the future.
— Jacqui Kooper
My life coaching experience with Sallyanne has given me clarity and confidence in myself, my goals and my direction. I feel motivated, excited and inspired by everything that has come out of the series and had a wonderful experience along the way with lots of laughter, a few tears and some beautiful moments where I felt like I was just talking to a lovely supportive friend.

I learnt to be more trusting of myself. I realised that I don’t have to look to others for clarity or reassurance and that I am the one that has all the answers to my questions, I just had to learn to find them.
— Aleisha Koopu,
Sallyanne will not put up with or suffer nonsense but is one of the most supportive and intuitive people I have ever met.

As a coach she is a good listener who reserves judgements; she is naturally inquisitive, questioning and curious. She is an intelligent communicator, emotionally aware with 2 feet firmly on the ground.

I would trust Sallyanne with my deepest secret and biggest fears and know that she could, more than many others, help steer me gently through life’s challenges.
— Janine Alexandersson


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