About Me


Hi I’m Sallyanne. Divorced.

Single mum to two gorgeous, feisty, loving, energetic teenagers. 

Business owner. Partner. Daughter. Sister. Aunty. Friend.

Coffee lover. Tennis player. Photographer. Singer (in the car & shower). Traveller.

I know separation and divorce are not fun and can be incredibly lonely.

I have stood right where you are now and I know your divorce journey has probably been messy, complicated and painful. Mine was.

During and after my divorce, I remember feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I wasn’t sure where to start, or what to tackle first, and I kept asking myself how I was going to manage and keep all the balls in the air.

 I felt stuck, unable to decide which steps I needed to take.

 I was surrounded by well-meaning family and friends, but no-one could really understand what I was going through, or offer the objective help and support I really needed.

I wish someone had been there beside me, guiding and helping me find the clarity, confidence and courage to move forward.

As a DIVORCE & SEPARATION COACH, that’s what I do.

I am passionate about other women having support and guidance during and after, separation and divorce, when emotions are raw, and clarity is difficult to achieve.

 WORK WITH ME to RESET, REDEFINE and REFRESH your life post-divorce.

I help set women on the path to fly beautifully, powerfully and joyfully solo.